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Guitarlift Student Small Guitar Support


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The Small Plate is the largest model of the Young Students Line. Despite its small base area, it can be easily transported, yet it is large enough for versatile uses and offers the typical Guitarlift® stability and variability. The Small Plate is ideal for beginner guitars and for use in classes. It simplifies finding the optimal playing posture and provides comfort and support for the young guitarists while playing. The achievable height is between 5 to 14 cm.

The models of the Young Students Line, like the Professional Line, are also made from robust 4mm thick Plexiglas®, known for its reliability and durability. This ensures a high stability while playing. Guitarlift® offers a comprehensive solution for guitarists of every level, from students to hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional stage musicians. It is designed to improve playing comfort and provide optimal support for playing the guitar. Using Guitarlift® allows the focus to be directed to the music while the players have to worry less about their sitting position.
The unique manufacturing process gives us the opportunity to present the Guitarlift® in a variety of shapes and variants. This variety of design options allows us to meet the individual needs and preferences of the guitarists, thereby offering a customized playing experience.


Each package contains one fully assembled Guitarlift® as well as keys and manual. For a secure attachment to open-pore woods and/or matte lacquered guitars, you can order a set of self-adhesive foil pads here.

Product data

Item weight 270g
Item dimensions 27 x 17.5 cm
Leg cutout 13.5 cm

重量270 公斤
尺寸27 × 17.5 公分