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This Cambridge course assists students to prepare for the Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) Examinations. This course is designed by professional Australian secondary school teacher and provides students the foundation they need to succeed in the examination.

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Exam Preparation

Cambridge YLE Starters
Cambridge YLE Movers
Cambridge YLE Flyers

International Recognition

Cambridge English Qualifications are recognised by various schools, universities and organisation worldwide.

Success in a Cambridge English Qualification provides student with an internationally recognised certificate.

English Exams

Guitar Lessons

Practical guitar lessons with a comprehensive approach. Quality training that prepare students for a range of music exams, from classical to rock. 

Comprehensive Approach

Music Exam Preparation

performance opportunities

Music Exams


I have been taking classical guitar lesson with Ting Lo since 2017. I found him by searching for AMEB classical guitar teacher on google. By 2019 he had helped me achieve AMEB grade 5 in classical guitar with an A. He is currently helping me to prepare for 6th grade.


Ting is deeply knowledgeable, diligent, patient and inspiring. He is very accurate at identifying the causes of my mistakes and areas for improvement to help me overcome them. I actually took lessons with someone else years before I met Ting.  Unfortunately, that experience left me frustrated, lost all my confidence and believing that I had no ability or reason to learn the classical guitar. It took me years to have the courage to try again. I was most fortunate to have found Ting in 2017. He magically restored my confidence and love for the guitar with his teaching and encouragement. I completely owe my ability to enjoy playing and learning the classical guitar to Ting. (27 April 2020)


Thi Nguyen​

AMEB, Grade 5
Classical Guitar

Ting is a great guitar teacher who has helped me reach AMEB Prep grade to AMEB grade 2. Although he has bad handwriting, Ting is a very kind teacher who tries his best to encourage his students to keep learning Classical Guitar. He is currently helping me prepare for my AMEB classical guitar grade 2 exam. I know Ting has tried his best to help me, even during the COVID -19. I owe Ting to be kind and respectful a lot for helping me learn guitar.  (26 July 2020)


Johnny Zhan​

Second Place Winner
Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest (2020)
Year 3 to Year 4 Category in Classical Guitar

My Expertise


Guitar Tuition (P-12)

AMEB Classical, Rockschool Acoustic, Rockschool Electric, 


Ensemble Conducting

Classical Guitar Ensemble, Rock band.  


Music Production

Music Rearrangement, Recording, Mixing,      


Maths Tuition (F-10)

High quality maths tuition that meets the Australian national standard. Teaching strictly follows the current Australian Curriculum (AC). 


Music Performance

Live performance for events.  


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