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Award-Winning Music Education

Ting Lo Music is an award-winning private music school in Manningham, specialising in premium solo music performance, group music performance and music theory education. 

Ting holds high expectations for his private students. Many of Ting’s students have excelled, winning awards in Music Competitions and Eisteddfods, and achieving outstanding results in music examinations. Check out the Student Achievements to see Ting’s award-winning students!

Student Achievement

Music Learning is Fun!

Ting's music lessons are engaging and fun.

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Learning music here is fun and rewarding!

Public Performance opportunities!

Ting Organises many public performance events for his students every year.

Check Out The Gallery To See Ting's Students perform at various public venues!

Student Performances

Classical Guitar Solo

Kingsley started learning the guitar in April 2021. It’s has been only 10 months, and he got a silver award at the 74th HK Schools Music Festival (2022)!

Electric Guitar Solo

Alfred plays Enter Sandman by Metallica

Guitar Duet

Johnny and Chirui playing at the Victorian Guitar Orchestra & Friends Concert 2022

Virtual Guitar Ensemble

The Hong Kong Virtual Guitar Ensemble (HKVGE) 2021 

Formed in 2020 during COVID-19. The HKVGE is a forum for junior guitar students from all backgrounds to socialise and enhance their ensemble skills.

Guitar Ensemble

The Doncaster Music Ensemble playing at the Victorian Guitar Orchestra & Friends Concert 2022​

Funny Video

AMEB and Rockschool Exam Bloopers


Hannah Chung

Ting 是一個很友善的結他老師。

他是一個對我來說結他很厲害的人他教了我很多歌兒,我也覺得好聽。好開心跟他學習結他,我感謝他一直很努力地教我。(10 July 2021)

He is a nice teacher(? nah)he talks so much about him…..(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)and I didn’t hear about him (don’t worry I’m a good student)he always need me and other students to preform outside every where to try preform…..(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)I don’t really like going out a lot but he always gives us some good ideas(don’t worry so many people want him to be their teacher but he is not at hk now he is at Australia so I need to use zoom(I have finished the comment because Ting lo ask me to send it and send five star (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) (Oct 2022)

Kingsley Tang

Ting has been helping me out a lot since I first started which was a few months ago, he is really kind and he encourages students who are sad or about to give up. He doesn’t judge me and he says it’s ok all the times, after these few months, my progress has now increased a lot in guitar, thanks to Ting who made me learn really quick in how to play guitar, I even got an outstanding award even though I was mad in the background, he calms me down so I can concentrate and focus on my tasks. All thanks to Ting who has been helping me out and supporting me. (10 July 2021)

Johnny Zhan

Ting is a great guitar teacher who has helped me reach AMEB Prep grade to AMEB grade 3. Although he has bad handwriting, Ting is a very kind teacher who tries his best to encourage his students to keep learning Classical Guitar. He is currently helping me prepare for my AMEB classical guitar grade 2 exam. I know Ting has tried his best to help me, even during the COVID -19. I owe Ting to be kind and respectful a lot for helping me learn guitar. (10 July 2021)


Solo Performance (Guitar)

Solo Performance (Guitar)

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Group Performance

Group Performance

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Music Theory Class

Music Theory Class

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Tons of Learning Resources!

Ting's private students have access to tons of learning resources via the Student Portal.

Check out the Student Portal to see ting's teaching resources!

Guitar Tuition

  • For children, teens and adults of all ages
  • Performance opportunities
  • Music exam preparation
  • Music competition preparation 


Trusted By:

Rock Band Program

17 Jun

The 69th Ringwood Eisteddfod

  • 2:00 pm
  • Maroondah Federation Estate, VIC, Australia

Congratulations to every award wining student. Well Done! The Ringwood Eisteddfod is by far the largest and longest running cultural event in this area and over the years, has assisted thousands of students to perform in public and to receive a critique from top adjudicators in Australia.

30 Jun

6th Global Children's and Youth Strings Competition (2021)

  • 1:30 pm
  • Hong Kong

Congratulations to every award wining student. Well Done!

11 Sep

Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest (2020)

  • 1:30 pm
  • Hong Kong

Congratulations to Johnny Zhan for winning the second place in the Hong Kong Youth Cup International Music Contest (2020) in the Y3-Y4 Category of Classical Guitar. Hard work pays off!

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